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Manufacturer of Truck Washing Lifts. Lifting Capacity 4 Tons to 16 Tons which are approved by CE and ISO 9001
Manufacturer of Garage Equipmets. We are dealing Heavy type Vehicle Washing Lifts into Garages. And it will handle upto 16 Tons.
Schumak Twin Post Washing Lift of capacity 16 Tons for lifting Lorries, Trucks and Buses.
Schumak 20 HP Twin Compressors mounted on a 1000 litres Air Receiver.
Schumak Twin Post 16 Ton Washing Lift for Buses
Our Company is having ISO 9001-2008 from Design to. After Sales & Service.
Two Post 16 Ton Lifts used to Lift Lorries, Tankers and Trucks for Washing.
20 HP Twin Compressors mounted on 1000 Litres Air Receiver.
Schumak make Truck Washing Lift used to Lift Trucks for Washing Purpose. These Lifts will have two plungers , lifting capacity of 8 Tons and requires air pressure between 9 to 12 bar.