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Car Washing Lifts in Argentina Hydraulic Washing Lifts, In Ground Lifts, Service Jacks, Single Plunger Lifts, Double Plunger Lifts, Touchless Car Wash in Coimbatore, India. In Ground Service Lifts are with following Capacities. 1 Ton for Two Wheelers, Bikes 2 Tons for Three Wheelers 4 Tons Cars, Jeeps , LCVs 8 Tons ( Single & Twin Plungers ) for Trucks 16 Tons ( Twin Plungers ) for Heavy Trucks, Buses. 25 Tons ( Twin Plungers ) Heavy Duty Trucks Schumak Lifts are approved by CE and having ISO-9001 Certifications. Schumak products are Approved by Maruti, Mahindra & Toyota . Hydraulic Washing Lifts Manufacturer in Coimbatore, India. Hydraulic Washing Lifts Supplier in India , Peru, Paraguay, Russia, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay. Hydraulic Washing Lifts Seller in Coimbatore, India Touchless Car Wash Exporter from Coimbatore, India Car Washing Lifts Manufacturer in Cambodia Car Washing Lifts Supplier in Cambodia Car Washing Lifts Seller in Cambodia View more at: View more at:
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